Amazon Expedition announcement

Amazon sponsors image misc sunset v1Jacki Hill-Murphy’s scientific expedition to travel the length of the Amazon River in South America.

We will travel the length of the Amazon River to document the changes on the river since the early explorers such as Charles La Condamine, Jean Godin, and Isabela Godin traveled down it in the 18th century. We’ll be following the route of Isabela Godin and leaving from Banos, Ecuador going down the Bobonaza River in dugout canoes, then connecting to the Pastaza River, home of the mysterious Achuar Indians.  We’ll then connect to the Maranon River through northern Peru before it turns east towards Brazil and becomes the Amazonas (Amazon River). The lower Pastaza will be interesting because it is a rarely traveled route and we have to obtain special permission from the Peruvian military. Solstar charging v3 small

We will be witness to the dark side of decimation and contamination of the Amazon Basin, and the effects this has on the indigenous peoples such as the Kichwa Indians of Ecuador,  and the Kayapo Indians of Brazil.

My part in the two-month, 4,200 mile scientific expedition includes a study of sanitation facilities in the villages. I’ve always been curious how indigenous peoples stay healthy with primitive facilities.

Plus, I’ll be reviewing communication methodologies between villages and towns. The past two hundred years has seen phenomenal improvements in communication, I suspect the Amazon Basin is not immune to new technologies.

These two subjects have always held my interest and the results will be included in a book about the expedition to be authored by Jacki Hill-Murphy.   ~Karts Huseonica

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