Expedition Team Is Set

amazon-montage-v3Great news! our team is set for the scientific expedition to travel the length of the Amazon River. The expedition, the first of its kind in the modern era of expeditions, will be a 4,000+ mile odyssey through jungles and down tributaries until the Amazon River is reached, then it’s on to the Atlantic Ocean.

Expedition leader is explorer and author Jacki Hill-Murphy (top left) from England (UK). She will author a book about the expedition. David Parker (top right) is a marine biologist who lives in England (UK). His knowledge will help us to stay safe. Adventurer Art Huseonica (middle-right) from Arizona, USA will be documenting the sanitation methodologies of local peoples. In addition, he will be studying shamanism in Ecuador and Peru. Mauro Barbosa (bottom-left) of Brazil will be bringing to the expedition an appreciation of the challenges facing the Amazon Basin. Rebecca Webb (bottom-right) is an attorney and adventurer from Australia. She will be studying the impact of oil drilling and logging on the land and
Laura Witherspeoples.

Joining us on the second leg of the expedition are Laura Withers and Bruce Couillard. Laura, a doctor and adventurer, will be reviewing the health issues of the local peoples, particularly that of mosquito-borne illnesses. Plus, she’ll be a valuable asset to the team to help monitor our health.

Bruce, a musician and environmentalist, will be documenting Bruce Couillard
wildlife along the Maranon and Amazon Rivers. Plus, he’ll be studying the traditional music in the villages we visit in Peru and Brazil.

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