Places Everyone…. We Are Ready

The expedition to travel the length of the Amazon River is ready and so is our Web site Amazon Source to Sea crafted by expedition member David Parker.

Archive dug-out canoe v2

Expedition leader and author Jacki Hill-Murphy has all the in-country fixers lined up with in-country river transportation, supplies for villages, and team security. The team was required to obtain letters of introduction, access permits, and special visas in order to transit through Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Coordination through the Peruvian embassy was critical. Without their support, this expedition would not be possible.

Stops include the village of Sarayaku, Cadoshi, and several others along the 4,000-mile plus route. The team will trek, travel the Bobonaza and Pastaza tributaries by dugout canoe, and once the river widens, by flat bottom boats, and Archive small boat v2then small ferry boats on the main Amazon River. Transportation along the route for everyone, explorers and residents alike, is by water only.

In addition to reviewing the sanitation practices of the indigenous villages, Art “Karts” Huseonica will be studying the practice of shamanism. He has arranged to participate in a shaman ceremony. His academic contributions with numerous fascinating stories will be included in a book authored by Jacki Hill-Amazon ferry v1Murphy.

The team will be visiting several indigenous villages including Sarayaku (Ecuador) and Cadoshi (Peru). One village we have been given permission to visit is in an area with rampant Hepatitis B & C. Our welcoming ceremony will include sharing a drink from a common bowl of masato that is created by masticating yucca plants and spitting the resulting saliva into a bowl, letting it ferment. To refuse the drink would be considered rude and samazon-village-v1ocial suicide.

Huge shout-outs to our gracious sponsors such as Craghoppers, Tep Wireless, Summit Hut, Paleo Meals to Go, Hennessy Hammock, ArmaSkin, and AST Systems.

Karts is excited that he already has several interviews scheduled for after his return to Arizona, USA. They include newsprint and social media, television, and recording for the hearing challenged. Watch this Blog for an upcoming pre-expedition NBC 12News story about Karts Huseonica from Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

3 thoughts on “Places Everyone…. We Are Ready

  1. You must be excited. Stay safe and cool. Good luck.
    BTW my daughter is a Peruvian shaman, which is how we went to Macchu Pichu a few years back.

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