Total Solar Eclipse Climb

Art “Karts” Huseonica will be climbing Borah Peak in August during the total solar eclipse. He has teamed up with TV reality star Jeff Zausch and several other adventurers for this special climb. Karts believes that this climb will ‘eclipse’ all his previous adventures.jeff-zausch-photo-official-v1

Borah Peak, 12,667 ft/5,981 m is the tallest peak in Idaho. Located in the Lost River Range, it is one of the most prominent mountains in the contiguous United States.

Jeff is a motivational speaker, travel host, firearms expert, wilderness survival expert, stuntman, and reality TV host and costar. He has climbed Borah Peak and wants to share the experience with his friends. Here is a recent news story about the climb from KPVI

Jeff and Karts plan to summit the morning of the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The climbing route involves ascending 5,262 vertical feet (1,604 m) from the trailhead to the summit in just over 3.5 miles (5.6 km). This route on the southwest ridge, the most popular route, is a strenuous hike for the most part until one reaches an exposed knife-edge ridge just before the main summit crest. This ridge is known as Chickenout Ridge as many people will abort the attempt once they comprehend the potential danger.Borah Peak solar eclipse glasses v1

Select other climbing friends include Chris Hernandez of California, Pamela Schrader from Florida, David Harmon of Washington state, Cham Bo from Canada, Audra Williams of North Carolina, and from Idaho are Nate Stewart, Tyler Hieb, and Justin Bullard. (Names used with permission.)

Karts’ sponsors include EPIC Wipes, Armaskin socks, Paleo Meals to Go, and Summit Sealants. Their solar eclipse viewing glasses were designed and made by American Paper Optics and their 3DGlasses division.

Here’s a recent article about the upcoming adventure.

Borah Peak SC Independent article 22 March 2017 v2

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