Snowy Borah Peak

Art “Karts” Huseonica faced Borah Peak again with reality TV star Jeff Zausch and two of their friends. Thus time Karts’ nemesis was deep snow on a layer of ice from a recent, unexpected snow storm.


Before the team’s arrival Karts, make a solo attempt on Borah Peak, but found deep snow and an unknown route to the summit along the summit ridge. The few other climbers on the mountain also retreated.

Knowing that a summit was unlikely, the team still made a summit bid a few days later, only to be turned back by reaffirmed dangerous climbing conditions. Despite this, the team had a great time.


Other team members included former gymnast Angelina Lance from California and National Guardsman Tyler Hieb from Idaho.


At 12,660 feet/3,860 meters, Borah Peak is a challenging climb due to its knife-edge-ridge approach and 5,200 feet/1,585 meters prominence.

Karts’ sponsors included EPIC WipesArmaskin socks, Paleo Meals to Go, and Summit Sealants.








2 thoughts on “Snowy Borah Peak

  1. Hello Art, I saw your article in the “Independent” this week, I can’t believe some people would speak negatively to you about your accomplishments, oh well. My hat is off to you, you certainly have a great many wonderful adventures. I spent 16 years working in Antarctica and I know how you feel, I would return all excited to tell people about my adventure and 9 out of 10 people would say stuff like, “why did you go there?” “Did they pay you a lot of money?” and so on. In Antarctica I met people like yourself, in their off- time they would do great adventures. Each science field party is required to have a ‘survivalist’ to insure the scientists will survive. These ‘survivalists’ were usually mountaineers and had some great stories, like yours.
    Keep up the “Life with no regrets”.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Mike. You would be surprised at some of the stuff I receive. One continent I haven’t been to, but I’ve been guided on mountain climbs by some of those folks you talk about who worked as survivalists in Antarctica.
      Be well.


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