Looking Ahead to 2019


Art “Karts” Huseonica has been accepted to an international team, Shepherds PCT ’19 that will thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in 2019.

PCT banner image

With an estimated departure of late April 2019, the five-member team will hike north from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. It will take approximately five months to complete the 2,600-mile/4180km hike. The hike will take the team through an array of climates and terrain in three states, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Craghoppers banner

The team has already garnered sponsorship from Craghoppers outdoor apparel, Paleo Meals to Go freeze-dried meals and snacks, Epic Wipes large wet wipes, ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks, and FRIO cooling wallets for insulin. There are on-going discussions with other potential major and low-level sponsors throughout the USA and in Great Britain.

Paleo logo v1

Team leader Helen Shepherd from the UK will assemble the team in Arizona prior to their departure from the California border with Mexico. This will provide an opportunity to team-gel, take a few fun desert hikes to adjust their kits, make last-minute purchases such as fuel, and prepare resupply boxes for shipping.

ArmaSkin Logo

Excitement is already building among other hikers interested in hiking a segment or portion of a segment with the team. The number of these hikers will be limited for each segment in California, Oregon, and Washington. To be added to the no-obligation list, please contact Karts.

Epic Wipes banner v1

Trail Angels, those willing to assist thru-hikers have been stepping forward to offer their help to the team as they hike through California, Oregon, and Washington. This includes food, water, transportation to nearby towns to pick up resupply boxes and to make purchases of fresh food, and over-night lodging when the team is not camped along the trail.

FRIO banner v1

The team has already received considerable recognition on social media, Webinars, and in print media. In addition, more interest will be garnered as the team shares their plans on social media platforms and in Blogs such as this one. FRIO recently published an article about Shepherds PCT ’19 titled DIABETES IN THE WILD – LONG DISTANCE HIKING AS A TYPE 1 DIABETIC. Team leader Helen Shepherd is a Type I diabetic. Also on the team is David Hinchliffe from Huddersfield in Great Britain, and Mindy McKeever from Mesa, Arizona, USA.

In preparation for the PCT, Karts will thru-hike the 800-mile/1,290km Arizona Scenic Trail (AZT) starting February 27, 2018. He will carry all of his yearly sponsors to help support this colossal effort, avoiding the desert heat and deep mountain snows. Yes, it snows in Arizona.









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