Arizona Trail Class of 2018


Art “Karts” Huseonica intends to thru-hike the 800-mile/1,300km Arizona Scenic az trail hi res logoTrail (AZT) starting February 27, 2018. For this thru-hike he will carry all of his yearly sponsors to help support this colossal effort, avoiding the desert heat and deep mountain snows. Yes, it snows in Arizona.

Sponsors include Craghoppers outdoor apparel, Paleo Meals to Go freeze-dried meals and snacks, Epic Wipes large wet wipes, ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks, and Wild Zora snack bars.Craghoppers banner

Other support will be provided by Trail Angels who will offer Karts  transportation to and from the trailheads, shower facilities, laundry services, and a home cooked meal. He will also ship resupply packages to the Trail Angels containing food, fuel, and spare clothes. Paleo logo v1

Karts anticipates that it will take him six to seven weeks to complete the 800-mile journey from Mexico to Utah, crossing several deserts, mountain ranges, and varying alpine terrains. His path will also take him through the Grand Canyon from the South Rim to the North Rim.ArmaSkin Logo

Before he departs he will publish his public GPS tracking link courtesy of SPOT Gen3 so that everyone can follow his adventure in real-time. Several hikers will join up with Karts as he traverses Arizona south to north through the 43 passages that make up the Arizona Trail.

Epic Wipes banner v1

This is classified as a supported thru-hike. This means that Karts will have the above noted support. He will also use a trilogy of proof, including a publicly accessible GPS track, location selfies, and witnesses.

Wild Zora logo Feb 2018

At least every four or five days, Karts will provide updates and photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This Blog will not be updated until after his adventure is complete.





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