Kick the Bucket-List with Bear Grylls

Art “Karts” Huseonica recently filmed a new adventure show with international celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls. The results of the ten episode show was a unique format of 20-minute plus shows streamed online from Facebook Watch, titled Bear Grylls: Face the Wild.

S1 E8 Bear Grylls Art Huseonica 2 (2)

Episodes can be watched any time on any device for FREE from Facebook Watch. Click here to watch the episode that features Karts Huseonica: Kick the Bucket-List. It first streamed May 9, 2018 but is available for streaming any time on any device.

Karts is currently finishing an 800-mile thru-hike of the Arizona Trail, one of the U.S. national scenic trails. He still took time to conduct a public video chat with Bear Grylls. You can watch it here: Video Chat with Bear and KartsKarts comes into the video at about the six-minute time mark. This video will also remain available indefinitely for streaming.

You can read more about Karts’ adventure here. S1 E8 Bear Grylls Art Huseonica (2)

Future plans include visiting family around the country. This includes his two grandchildren in Wisconsin.

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