Yukon 2020™ Expedition

(Sun City, Arizona, USA; February 12, 2019) Art “Karts” Huseonica is now focused on 2020 and his Yukon 2020™ expedition with Lauren Sherwood.

They will attempt to canoe the entire length of the Yukon River. The 2,000 mile/3,200km self-supported, unassisted adventure will start June 4, 2020 in the Yukon Territory of Canada and end in the Bering Sea approximately 60 days later.

Lauren v6 high.jpg

Ms. Sherwood, 24, of Prescott, Arizona is an experienced outdoors trainer and traveler. If successful and pending verification of other similar attempts, she could be the first woman from the USA to accomplish such a feat in the modern-era in a tandem, open (Canadian-style) canoe.

Mr. Huseonica could be the oldest documented person in the modern-era, at 69, to make such a river trip in a Canadian-style canoe. This will be pending review of previous identical attempts.

For their purposes, the team uses the modern-era definition of starting around 1990, when computers and satellites started to become ubiquitous. Because of the extreme length of this river expedition, the team is using the land-based style descriptor of self-supported.

They will use the standard trilogy of


documentation: a publicly accessible GPS track, location selfies and videos, and eyewitnesses. In addition, the team will make social media posts.

The team’s Yukon Territory outfitter is Up North Adventures and their Alaska outfitters is Horst Expediting. Watch for more details and and sponsor information. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the Yukon 2020™ press release which serves as their official notice of intent.

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