Yukon 2020™ Expedition Sponsors

Sponsors for Art “Karts” Huseonica and Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood’s Yukon River 2020™ expedition in 2020 DSC05167 (1)are companies whose products and services Karts has used extensively before becoming sponsors. In addition, the company’s ethics and overall business practices play a key role in sponsorship considerations. Karts and Lolo receive ZERO benefits as the result of sponsor click-throughs.

Epic Wipes extra large wet wipes are perfect to keep the body clean and smelling good on long adventures. They can also double as toilet paper after their first use. Karts uses Epic Wipes around his home and on his vehicle. This is a small, veteran-owned company.


ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks and gloves. The first time Karts used Armaskin high endurance socks, it was like turning off the blister switch. His feet also don’t get tired and sore like they use to.  He has used ArmaSkin socks for over five years on numerous adventures. This is a small business located in Australia.


Wild Zora food and meat bars. Karts has found many of their freeze-dried meals can be cold soaked. He relies on Wild Zora meat bars and air-dried fruit for a delicious energy boost. Plus, many of their meals are delicious cold-soak options. They also offer soups and teas. Wild Zora is a small, female-owned business.

SoulCare by CCC skin products for the outdoors. Their natural 20181010_103202remedies are crucial to protecting Karts’ bald head and his hands during extended periods of his extreme outdoor adventures such as the Arizona deserts and in Fiji. SoulCare is a female-owned small business located in Arizona.

Honey Bunchies gourmet honey bars recently 20190127_161226hit the market and Karts fell in love with them. His hiking buddies are always nicking bars from him. They are made by a veteran-owned, female-managed small business in Colorado, USA.

Spot LLC satellite communications. They have come on board to provide crucial satellite communications for Karts FB_IMG_1549545433242and Lolo. Spot will provide a publicly accessible GPS tracking link, texting and eMail capabilities, and the ability to make text posts to Facebook and Twitter. They also give an extra layer of security with world-renowned SOS capabilities.

Beads of Courage are also an integral part of this unique adventure. Karts and Lauren are humbled to be selected to wear Beads of 20181010_103333Courage on their adventure and then share them with children faced with serious illnesses and related treatments. This is a very emotional aspect of their adventure. Beads of Courage is a non-profit, female-managed organization headquartered in Arizona.

Karts uses the descriptor “sponsor” because it translates better for non-English followers. He is in fact an “ambassador” for one of the companies. Believing strongly in giving back, Karts and Lolo has aligned themselves with the Beads of Courage program for the Yukon 2020™ expedition.

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