Eco-Challenge 2019 Fiji

(July 1, 2019) Sun City resident and adventurer Art “Karts” Huseonica has been invited to help staff the 2019 Eco-Challenge expedition race in Fiji. Scheduled for September, the race is an expedition endurance race that claims to be the toughest race in the world. It is a revival of the original race that aired from 1995 – 2002.

Eco Challenge branding logo v1

Created by British reality show producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) and hosted by international survival expert Bear Grylls, Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 is being produced by MGM Television and will debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2020. The delivery format enables a worldwide audience.

Mr. Burnett produced the original Eco-Challenge race that put him on the reality TV map and was a precursor to his CBS hit Survivor. Mr. Grylls is just coming off of a popular run of his new interactive show Man vs Wild. “Eco-Challenge is the ultimate survival-adventure race, against the elements, against the clock, and against some of the greatest extreme athletes the world has ever seen,” said Mr. Grylls.

“I’m totally stoked to be part of an incredible event in an exotic location,” said Mr. Huseonica. “After appearing on Bear Grylls: Face the Wild adventure show, we promised each other to get back together for another adventure.” Mr. Huseonica will be in Fiji one month to help with pre-race and post-race activities, and rest camp tasks.

Mr. Huseonica’s responsibilities as part of the race’s volunteer staff of adventurers and subject area experts will include meeting race teams at the airport and staffing one of the rest and medical camps along the arduous 400-mile race route. Fiji is a rugged volcanic land with dense jungles. Mostly uninhabited and remote, the island villages maintain an ancient South Pacific tribal value system governed by local chiefs.

For this challenging race, numerous four-person teams from around the world who will compete non-stop mountain biking remote trails, paddling down white-water rivers, rappelling down cliff sides, climbing, and pack rafting. Navigation is done with map and compass only. If one member of the team drops out for any reason during the eight-day race, the team is disqualified.

The “eco” in Eco-Challenge means that there will be a strong focus on leaving the race course pristine. Camps and checkpoints will also be set up and maintained with the idea of keeping the area clean at all times and properly disposing of waste. Mr. Huseonica will help to ensure this stays true in his assigned rest camp during the race and afterwards.

For more Eco-Challenge information, please visit: Here’s the official press release.

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