Yukon 2020™ Planning Update

(Sun City, Arizona, USA: October 25, 2019) Art “Karts” Huseonica and Lauren “Lolo”Sherwood continue with their planning for Yukon 2020™ expedition. There are innumerable details that must be considered Yukon 2020 branding logo v1 copyand acted upon for a record-attempt. Thus, the reason to start planning more than a year in advance with a four-page check-list of things to consider and act upon to ensure that everything is ready before the June 4, 2020 put-in at a very remote location on the border of British Columbia and Yukon Territory, Canada. For example, Ms. Sherwood is becoming familiar with weapon and fishing regulations in Canada and Alaska. She is also refining her drone usage skills around federal and local regulations.

Training is done on a regular basis, usually at Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona, USA. Focus is on paddling choreography, steering, and handling a canoe in windy weather. They train using 12′ canoes, but their expedition canoe is an 18′ custom made and custom painted NovaCraft open (Canadian-style) canoe. Training will continue through the Arizona winter to help simulate colder climes in Canada and Alaska. Protecting our skin during the training sessions on the open water is an array of SoulCare products. Additionally, Mr. Huseonica and Ms. Sherwood meet at regular intervals to discuss planning, logistics, and fund-raising.

Alkan Air de Havilland DHC-3T Turbo Otter authorizedLogistics is a significant part of putting together a complex expedition to a remote region. Their Canadian outfitter in the Yukon is Up North Adventures. Once the team reaches the great state of Alaska, their Alaskan outfitter Horst Expediting and Remote Operations will be standing by to provide necessary assistance. Supporting their put-in transportation efforts is Alkan Air Ltd. of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Alkan Air Ltd will fly Mr. Huseonica and Ms. Sherwood onto Bennett Lake using the float plane pictured here. A float plane is the only way to access their start point on the 2,000-mile/3,200km journey. Their 18′ canoe will be strapped to one of the plane’s pontoons. PC: Simon Blakesley


Recent media has focused on Ms. Sherwood with a feature article in her hometown newspaper, The Daily Courier. Regrettably, the article link is not available. The article was penned by Cindy Barks. As the expedition draws near, the team is setting up several more articles, radio interviews, Blogs, Vlogs, and television appearances. Obviously, the Yukon 2020™ expedition is creating a lot of interest. The team anticipates publishing an updated press release in early spring 2020. For more information, please contact Mr. Huseonica at 443-254-5730 or arthuseonica@gmail.com.

Mr. Huseonica is working to secure two theme songs for the expedition. Although this is not a Jennifer Berezan profile v2commercial expedition, permission will be sought to use the songs as background music for videos and in expedition promotions. It’s a lot of fun to have songs or instrumentals associated with such an endeavor, and helps to create more interest for the expedition and more publicity for the selected recording artists. The team was excited to announce that they secured the right to use folk singer Jennifer Berezan’s song YUKON RIVER. It is well-suited because of the song title and lyrics. The team is also looking for a song or instrumental that reflects the character of the team. All the more appropriate, Ms. Berezan is a Canadian-born singer/songwriter. You can listen here. The song is cued to start at :54. PC: Jennifer Berezan.

T-shirts are still available at our Go Fund Me page. The donation page was established to help defray some of the enormous resupply costs along the 2,000-mile remote route. By donating $30 Lauren tshirt v2or more you will receive an expedition t-shirt. Sizes available are: ladies M and L; crew M, L, XL, and 2XL. The team uses postage paid priority postal mail in USA and Canada. Other international requests will be processed but with postage added fees. Mr. Huseonica and Ms. Sherwood are greatly appreciative of those who have donated to help defray the resupply costs. For more information about t-shirts here’s a Blog link.

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