Yukon 2020™ Website

(February 18, 2020) It’s so exciting to have the Yukon 2020™ Website published. Here’s the link: http://www.yukon2020.com.Yukon 2020 branding logo v1 copy

Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood coordinated the site’s design, development, and publication with her good friend and expedition supporter Jonathan Pierson.

The team wanted to have a platform for the expedition sponsors and folks who are interested in donating monies to support the expedition’s high resupply costs. In addition, the media is more apt to pick up information from a credible and official Web site via a Blog, and search engines produce better results for Web sites.Lauren tshirt v4

What’s really unique about the Web site is that it outlines three sponsorship categories for companies or individuals to donate significant supporting funds. Categories include Silver Stream, Yukon Gold, and Platinum Oar. 

Interested folks can also donate monies through the team’s Go Fund Me page. Or contact Karts through the Contact page on this Blog or via eMail at arthuseonica@gmail.com, phone USA 443-254-5730.

Karts and Lolo are very grateful for the support they’ve received thus far. Watch for videos, vlogs, pod casts, and more coming soon about this and other topics.

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