Yukon 2020™ Postponed

Dear friends, Lolo and I are absolutely gutted right now, having to officially postpone our Yukon 2020 expedition until May 24, 2022. 
We remained optimistic as long as we could but circumstances far beyond our control forced this decision. Most prominent is the Yukon Territory’s recent direct refusal to let us enter their territory this year under any circumstances. 
Secondary, is the negative public appearance that we’re going off on a highly visible and dangerous adventure while so many people are suffering financially and the uncertainty of the world’s health status.
While we’re taking a huge financial loss by postponing such a complex expedition, the economic devastation occurring to our expedition business friends in the Yukon and Alaska is what deeply saddens us. We’ll keep the same expedition plan in place with our Canadian and Alaskan outfitters, and the many other logistical support folks if they can survive until then.
We are pleased to know most of our sponsors have pledged their continued support. We’ll keep our GoFundMe page active to garner funds for resupply on the river, but will honor refund requests.
We’re still referring to the expedition as Yukon 2020.  For more information, please visit http://www.yukon2020.com.

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