Adventure Death Valley 2021

(March 9, 2021; Sun City, Arizona, USA) Recently Art “Karts” Huseonica was joined by five fellow adventurers on a Death Valley National Park mini-adventure. Team members were selected for their abilities to deal with harsh weather and terrain conditions. Plus, they had to have huge personalities.

Five team members crossing the salt pans. PC: Jeff Zausch

The team spent a day on the salt and mud flats of Death Valley and a day hiking the ridge line of the Eureka Dunes. Karts was joined by his adventure and Yukon River expedition teammate Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood, TV reality star Jeff Zausch, author and Hollywood stunt woman Heather “Athena” Bond, desert adventurer Glenn “Snake” Mulloy, and alpinist Wilberto “Will” Sosa.

Lolo and Karts in the mud flats as seen through a salt crystal formation tainted by silica mud. PC: Jeff Zausch

Karts was humbled to have Jeff Zausch and Athena Bond join the adventure. He’d previsously adventured with Jeff on several occassions but this was the first time meeting Athena. All team members adhered to CDC guidelines relative to the COVID-19 pandemic. This included dispersed cowboy camping.

Jeff Zausch begins the ascent of Eureka Dunes, which are almost 700’/213m high in a very remote area of the park.

Athena Bond successfully traversed the dune ridge line. Karts and Athena are planning on future adventures together.

Karts teamed up with Snake Mulloy to complete an epic 15-mile/24km double-traverse of Death Valley, that included hiking three hours in the dark through treacherous terrain. They were prepared for this with powerful dual headlamps, plus they’d cached water for their return.

Water was cached half-way across Death Valley for their return leg after dark. Death Valley is 7-miles/11km across.

Death Valley is a desert valley in southeastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert, bordering the Great Basin Desert. It is one of the hottest and driest places on Earth and has an area of almost 3,000 sq mi/7,800 km2. For more information about Death Valley, please visit

Terrain features were ever changing, including rough salt pans, boot-sucking mud, and these areas of meter-high dried mud formations.

Support for Karts was provided by ArmaSkin AntiBlister socks, SoulCare skin products, Epic Wipes body wipes, Crucial Carry trauma kits, and SLYSTEEL Survival Kukris knives.

A resident of Sun City, Arizona, Karts is looking forward to the international borders opening so that he and Lolo can enter Canada’s Yukon Territory to begin their 2,021-mile Yukon River expedtion in early June. More Yukon expedition news is at

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