Eco-Challenge 2019 Fiji

(July 1, 2019) Sun City resident and adventurer Art “Karts” Huseonica has been invited to help staff the 2019 Eco-Challenge expedition race in Fiji. Scheduled for September, the race is an expedition endurance race that claims to be the toughest race in the world. It is a revival of the original race that aired from 1995 – 2002.

Eco Challenge branding logo v1

Created by British reality show producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) and hosted by international survival expert Bear Grylls, Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 is being produced by MGM Television and will debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2020. The delivery format enables a worldwide audience.

Mr. Burnett produced the original Eco-Challenge race that put him on the reality TV map and was a precursor to his CBS hit Survivor. Mr. Grylls is just coming off of a popular run of his new interactive show Man vs Wild. “Eco-Challenge is the ultimate survival-adventure race, against the elements, against the clock, and against some of the greatest extreme athletes the world has ever seen,” said Mr. Grylls.

“I’m totally stoked to be part of an incredible event in an exotic location,” said Mr. Huseonica. “After appearing on Bear Grylls: Face the Wild adventure show, we promised each other to get back together for another adventure.” Mr. Huseonica will be in Fiji one month to help with pre-race and post-race activities, and rest camp tasks.

Mr. Huseonica’s responsibilities as part of the race’s volunteer staff of adventurers and subject area experts will include meeting race teams at the airport and staffing one of the rest and medical camps along the arduous 400-mile race route. Fiji is a rugged volcanic land with dense jungles. Mostly uninhabited and remote, the island villages maintain an ancient South Pacific tribal value system governed by local chiefs.

For this challenging race, numerous four-person teams from around the world who will compete non-stop mountain biking remote trails, paddling down white-water rivers, rappelling down cliff sides, climbing, and pack rafting. Navigation is done with map and compass only. If one member of the team drops out for any reason during the eight-day race, the team is disqualified.

The “eco” in Eco-Challenge means that there will be a strong focus on leaving the race course pristine. Camps and checkpoints will also be set up and maintained with the idea of keeping the area clean at all times and properly disposing of waste. Mr. Huseonica will help to ensure this stays true in his assigned rest camp during the race and afterwards.

For more Eco-Challenge information, please visit: Here’s the official press release.


Yukon 2020™ T-Shirts

(July 1, 2019) Art “Karts” Huseonica and Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood are excited to let everyone know about their Yukon 2020™ expedition t-shirts.Lauren tshirt v2

To obtain an official, trademarked t-shirt, please visit their Go Fund Me page.  By donating $30 or more,  you will receive an expedition t-shirt. Karts will contact you for your shirt size and postal mailing address. If an anonymous donor, please immediately message Karts so that he can obtain your shirt and mailing information.

Free shipping to addresses in North and Central America.

Lauren tshirt v4

The Go Fund Me page was set up to help absorb the costs of resupply and expedition insurance along the 2,000-mile/3,200km remote river. The entire expedition costs are $17,000. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Yukon 2020™ were designed and printed by State 48 Print Shop.

Yukon 2020™ Branding Logos

(June 8, 2019) Art “Karts” Huseonica and Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood are busy planning for their Yukon 2020™ expedition to canoe the Yukon River. Part of their planning is the development of their branding logos for online media, decals, and t-shirts.Yukon 2020 branding logo copy v2

Developed in collaboration with a local veteran-owned printing company State 48 Print Shop. They will also be printing decals and t-shirts for Karts and Lolo.

They will attempt to open canoe the entire length of the Yukon River. The 2,000 mile/3,200km self-supported adventure will start June 4, 2020 in the Yukon Territory of Canada and end in the Bering Sea approximately 60 days later.

They will use the standard trilogy of documentation: a publicly accessible GPS track using a Spot_llc tracker, Yukon 2020 branding logo v1 copylocation selfies and videos, and eyewitnesses. In addition, the team will make social media posts. Videos and photos will include drone -created media.

The team’s Yukon Territory outfitter is Up North Adventures and their Alaska outfitters is Horst Expediting. This is a self-supported expedition.


Yukon 2020™ Expedition Sponsors

Sponsors for Karts Huseonica and Lauren Sherwood’s Yukon River 2020™ expedition in 2020 DSC05167 (1)are companies whose products and services Karts has used extensively before becoming sponsors. He receives ZERO benefits as the result of sponsor click-throughs.

Epic Wipes extra large wet wipes are perfect to keep the body clean and smelling good on long adventures. He also uses Epic Wipes around his home and on his vehicle. This is a small, veteran-owned company.20180831_110903

ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks and gloves. The first time Karts used Armaskin high endurance socks, it was like turning off the blister switch. His feet also don’t get tired and sore like they use to. This is a small business located in Australia.


Wild Zora food and meat bars. Karts has found many of their freeze-dried meals can be cold soaked. He relies on Wild Zora meat bars for a delicious energy boost. Plus, many of their meals are delicious cold-soak options. They also offer soups and teas. Wild Zora is a small, family-owned business.

SoulCare by CCC skin products for the outdoors. Their natural 20181010_103202remedies are crucial to protecting Karts’ bald head and his hands during extended periods of his extreme outdoor adventures. SoulCare is a small business located in Arizona.

Honey Bunchies  gourmet honey bars recently20190127_161226 hit the market and Karts fell in love with them. They are made by a veteran-owned small business in Colorado, USA.

Spot LLC satellite communications. They have come on board to provide crucial satellite communications for Karts  FB_IMG_1549545433242and Lauren. Spot will provide a publicly accessible GPS tracking link,  texting and eMail capabilities, and the ability to make text posts to Facebook and Twitter. They also give an extra layer of security with world-renowned SOS capabilities.

Beads of Courage are also an integral part of this unique adventure. Karts and Lauren are humbled to be selected to wear Beads of 20181010_103333Courage on their adventure and then share them with children faced with serious illnesses and related treatments. This is a very emotional aspect of their adventure. Beads of Courage is a non-profit organization headquartered in Arizona.

Karts uses the descriptor “sponsor” because it translates better for non-English followers. He is in fact an “ambassador” for one of the companies. Believing strongly in giving back, Karts and Lauren Sherwood has aligned themselves with the Beads of Courage program for the Yukon 2020™ expedition.

Yukon 2020™ Expedition

(Sun City, Arizona, USA; February 12, 2019) Art “Karts” Huseonica is now focused on 2020 and his Yukon 2020™ expedition with Lauren Sherwood.

They will attempt to canoe the entire length of the Yukon River. The 2,000 mile/3,200km self-supported, unassisted adventure will start June 4, 2020 in the Yukon Territory of Canada and end in the Bering Sea approximately 60 days later.

Lauren v6 high.jpg

Ms. Sherwood, 24, of Prescott, Arizona is an experienced outdoors trainer and traveler. If successful and pending verification of other similar attempts, she could be the first woman from the USA to accomplish such a feat in the modern-era in a tandem, open (Canadian-style) canoe.

Mr. Huseonica could be the oldest documented person in the modern-era, at 69, to make such a river trip in a Canadian-style canoe. This will be pending review of previous identical attempts.

For their purposes, the team uses the modern-era definition of starting around 1990, when computers and satellites started to become ubiquitous. Because of the extreme length of this river expedition, the team is using the land-based style descriptor of self-supported.

They will use the standard trilogy of


documentation: a publicly accessible GPS track, location selfies and videos, and eyewitnesses. In addition, the team will make social media posts.

The team’s Yukon Territory outfitter is Up North Adventures and their Alaska outfitters is Horst Expediting. Watch for more details and and sponsor information. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the Yukon 2020™ press release which serves as their official notice of intent.

Karts Sets AZT Record


Art “Karts” Huseonica recently set a new Arizona Trail record by yo-yoing the trail in one calendar year.

az trail hi res logo

On December 12, 2018 at 12:00PM Karts and a small group of friends and officials from the Arizona Trail Association reached the trail’s southern terminus on the Mexican border. This completed Kart’s 1,600 mile round-trip of the grueling Arizona Trail, one of the United States’ long-distance national scenic trials. He referred to it as his Arizonian Grit hike.

Briana v1

Only two other hikers have soloed the Arizona Trail in one calendar year.

You can stream via Facebook or Google a commercial-free CBS news story by Briana Whitney about the record-setting hike. Or read an article from the Sun City INDEPENDENT. You can also read a comprehensive article by Shawnte Salabert in Adventure Journal. Meanwhile, here’s several photos that you might have missed on Karts’ social media platforms listed on his Contact page.











Briana v2.jpg

Key to support for this record attempt were sponsors that included Epic Wipes extra large wet wipes, ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks, Wild Zora food and meat bars, Huppybar nut and seed bars, and SoulCare by CCC skin products for the outdoors. Beads of Courage were also an integral part of this unique adventure.

Arizonian Grit Record Attempt

Sun City resident Art “Karts” Huseonica will attempt to set a hiking record on the Arizona Trail this fall. You can track him here starting October 7, trail hi res logo

Starting on October 7, 2018 Karts will hike from Utah to Mexico on the 800-mile Arizona Trail. If successful he will set a record for being the oldest hiker at 67 to yo-yo the difficult trail. He solo hiked from Mexico to Utah earlier in 2018 and must complete the hike in the reverse direction by December 31, 2018.


Only four others have yo-yo’d (round trip) the trail, but they were all in their 20’s and 30’s. In addition to the training regime, Karts spends a great deal of time and energy on logistics. This solo, supported hike will permit him to receive resupply boxes of food along the route. He can also take rides from volunteers into local towns such as Strawberry and Kearny for resupply. Kearny is frequently referred to as the friendliest town on the Arizona Trail.

Karts has received extensive preparatory medical support from Banner Health in Sun City to prepare for the grueling hike, which he is referring to as his “Arizonian Grit” hike.


During the hike, which covers a myriad of challenging terrains, he will be wearing an orange ribbon to honor a U.S. Navy shipmate, Al Derbyshire, who is suffering from COPD.

Karts has also aligned with the Beads of Courage project, carrying beads he’ll later share with children suffering from serious illnesses. He joins others such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the Dave Matthews Band, and country star Luke Bryan in wearing beads.

Death Valley 2016 mud flats v1

Thus, he was inspired to refer to his hike as “Arizonian Grit.” This hike moniker reflects the determination it takes to accomplish something without quitting, similar to the fight that many have taken on against serious illnesses. This includes Kart’s brother Bobby, who recently passed away.

Key to support for this record attempt are sponsors that include Epic Wipes extra large wet wipes, ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks, Wild Zora food and meat bars, Huppybar nut and seed bars, and SoulCare skin products for the outdoors. More sponsors will be added as the hike draws near with a trail angel’s shuttle ride to the remote northern terminus of the Arizona Trail. IMG_20180504_071049_210

Here is one of several articles written by the Sun City INDEPENDENT about the upcoming adventure.

Karts is a 1968 graduate of Homer-Center High School in Homer City, Pennsylvania, USA, is retired U.S. Navy, and a retired associate professor. He lives in Sun City, Arizona, USA with his wife Karen Carlsen Huseonica. He is an active member of the Sun City Hikers and the Sun City PRIDES.